CMHL is a production company for feature film and TV series with a focus on director/author-driven, character oriented and period/inspirational projects.  
Since its inception, CMHL is operated by Michel Duran. CMHL works with a combination of recurring partners as well as new collaborators, depending on the project. 
CMHL is managing high-quality commercial entertainment bridging between movies, live theatre, comics/books, games and other ancillaries products when appropriate.

5 Nominations at the 2013 Leo Awards for feature film Soufflé au Chocolat.

In 2013, Soufflé au Chocolat (CMHL & Leo Cinema production) was screened at the Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois et Francophone in Vancouver BC, at the Sonoma International Film Festival (USA) and gathered 5 nominations at the 2013 Leo Awards (Canada) for Best pictures (Michel Duran, Fred Goldstein, Hélène Bruyère, Sabine Rouquès), Direction (Michel Duran, Fred Goldstein), Screenwriting (Michel Duran), Cinematography (Fred Goldstein) and Musical Score (Marc Baril).