a documentary on open relationships.

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After Soufflé au Chocolat, a feature film exploring heterosexual romantic relationships and pushing the boundaries of coupledom, I wanted to find out more what open relationships in real life means in 2019 regardless of age, gender and sexual orientation.
— Michel Duran, Director

A recent publication by a team of researchers at the University of British Colombia in the Journal of Sex research reported a study conducted on a nationally representative sample of 2,003 Canadian adults, administered in 2017 via an online questionnaire. The results conclude that “A substantial minority (4%) of Canadian adults who are in relationships are currently in a CNM relationship, and we have found evidence that significantly more (11.9%) would prefer to have a CNM relationship—albeit men more than women. People in CNM relationships are as satisfied with their relationships as those in monogamous relationships. Younger adults also had greater interest and engagement in CNM, suggesting that CNM may increase in its prevalence over time. More research is therefore needed to examine this potentially growing relationship phenomenon.” – Open Relationship Prevalence, Characteristics, and Correlates in a Nationally Representative Sample of Canadian Adults. (Nichole Fairbrother, Trevor A, Hart & Malcolm Fairbrother.)

– What scientists explore with data, statistics and questionnaires, a filmmaker can illustrate their points and contribute to presenting and/or illustrating interesting new facts to an audience.