Soufflé au Chocolat (feature film)

Synopsis: You can see the joy on the faces of Noémie and Marc when they reunite after being apart for six weeks. During a week-long vacation with Marc's distant cousin Laure and Cyril – a French expat couple vacationing on Galiano Island off the coast of Vancouver – Marc and his wife meet Lyse. Lyse is friend of Laure and Cyril's from Québec. She joins the group regularly, helping them discover the island, which she knows like the back of her hand. But the group dynamic changes when, attracted to Marc, Lyse attempts to seduce him. Marc and Noémie suddenly find themselves confronted by the temptation to explore the unchartered territories of love, forever altering the delicate balance of their relationship, until now committed, trusting and tightly knit ... A French feature film that explores fine cuisine, romantic relationships and pushing the boundaries of coupledom …

Directors: Michel Duran - Fred Goldstein 
Production: CMHL Enterprises - Leo Cinema

Cast: Alex - Erica Bulman - Mel Dion - Emilie Gosselin - Michel Duran - Charlotte Daly

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Leo Awards 2013,
Nominated for

Best Motion Picture - Direction - Screenwriting - Cinematography - Musical Score


Truth (feature film)

Synopsis: An estranged couple on a weekend retreat are pushed further apart when the wife, Becca, becomes romantically entangled with the journal of the cabin’s long-dead former owner.  When the ghost of the old owner appears and reciprocates Becca's feelings, the web of betrayals and untruths between Becca and her husband begins to unravel.

Director: JS Johnson
Producers: CMHL Enterprises - California Balloon Films

Cast: Michelle Sabiene - Benjamin Hanson - Michel Duran - Natasha Quirke - Willa-Lee Reid - Michael Edwards


California Balloons (short film)

Synopsis: With a pistachio in one hand and a gun in the other, Nico (Michel Duran) is a fast talking mercenary who gets the job done. On the eve of his retirement, Nico takes on one final job: killing California Lee (Kory Darnel). California is a young female scientist on the verge of a pivotal scientific discovery. Things take a turn for the worse when Nico must work with the enemy, Tomi Sato (Kasey Ryne Mazak), to find California and ensure that the job is done right. Adventure runs high in this thrill-packed Buddy Cop action film.

Director: JS Johnson
Producers: CMHL Enterprises - California Balloon Films

Cast: Michel Duran - Kasey Ryne Mazak - Kory Darnel - Broadus Mattison - Edward Foy - Mark Embacher

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The Window (short film)

Synopsis: Four main characters and two plots gather around the Window of a small countryside house. In the house live the new teacher of the nearby school, Yahya, his wife, and his young sister, Sarah.

Director: Kamal Derkaoui
Production: Aflam Mostafa Derkaoui - CMHL Enterprises

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Official selection:     2006 Vancouver International Film
2007 Seoul International Film Festival