Writing about slavery has been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done professionally... but without question the most important.
— Martin Chatterton
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Coming soon . . . an important new picture book.

Winter Of The White Bear  is a lavishly illustrated picture book about Little Bear whose happy life in the Great Forest is suddenly changed by the arrival of an unwelcome visitor: White Bear. When White Bear forces Little Bear to come with him and hunt for him in the northern Ice Lands, Little Bear must dig deep inside herself to find the inner strength to escape.  Exciting, touching and   thought-provoking,  Winter Of The White Bear is a picture book like no other.

Winter Of The White Bear   grew out of a  longstanding collaborative relationship  between Martin and Dirt Lane Press  publisher, Margrete Lamond. Having read  Martin's adult novel, The Last Slave Ship, Margrete knew the  potential was there to make a book that could make a difference.  Martin and Margrete have collaborated on  multiple publishing projects for Scholastic,  Little Hare and Hardie Grant Egmont in the   past. Their first book together, The Brain  Finds A Leg, was shortlisted for the NSW  Premier’s Literary Award.

In the run up to publication by Dirt Lane Press in October 2019, Sugartown Media have developed an animated reading of 'Winter Of The White Bear' to showcase the project during Martin's large-scale school tours in Australia, China, India and beyond. After trialling a rough cut in Shanghai in 2018, Sugartown Media are nearing completion of the 'White Bear' presentation and will be rolling out the animated short in March during Martin's tour of rural New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Approximately 25,000 students will see the White Bear 'movie' in 2019. In partnership with Dirt Lane Press and Freedom Hub, Sugartown Media are honoured to play a role in bringing a story about the evil of slavery to new audiences. More information about the project can also be found on the Dirt lane Press website. 'Winter Of The White Bear' is also being developed by Sugartown Media as an animated feature.